real power
wart || 18 || brave

the only problem that i got with the club
is how you're severed from the people who watched you grow up
when you're a member go on your great adventure again

|| open


"Shite," Slightly mumbled as he trotted into the clinic, covering his nose and mouth with one hand. His rugby uniform was already speckled with red and it was seeping between his fingers a little. "God, that smarts—"

As soon as he’d hipchecked the door shut behind him, he set his other hand on the counter and leaned over to peer into the back room. 

“‘Llo?” he called. “S’anyone in ‘ere? I need a l’iil ‘elp…”

Only someone with Arthur’s luck could possibly have managed to get a cold in the middle of summer. So he was in the clinic to make sure it wasn’t the flu or something worse. Tapping his foot restlessly, he waited for the nurse to come out from her office (but it had been a while and now he wasn’t sure if the nurse was even in there), when there was the squeak of the door.

Arthur automatically turned when someone called out a ‘hello’. He scrambled up from his perch on one of the cots, blurting out, “What happened?” He regretted it immediately—what a dumb question, it was obviously a nosebleed.


"I know, right?" Chris smirked and then held out his hand, "I’m Chris, by the way."


"Totally." He agreed after a second, and shook Chris’s hand firmly. "Nice to meet you, Chris. I’m Arthur."



"That’s nothing to be ashamed of- I lose things constantly too." Eirwyn laughs lightly. She kneels in front of the doorknob, looking carefully at it. "I think my key might be pretty similar, if you want to try it?"

"If you think it could work, sure," he says immediately, nodding vigorously as he moves out of her way. "Thanks, by the way. If I have to sit around and wait till my roommate comes by, I think I’ll die."


image “Don’t worry, you’ll feel at home here in no time” he shrugged. “Wart? That is a rather interesting nick name. Is there a story behind that? Pleased to meet you Sir .Pendragon” Hans motioned for Arthur to follow him in search of the keys. “Do you have a roommate? Because if worst comes to worst an we don’t find the keys we could get them to let you in ”

"Nope." Arthur lied quickly. "No story there." He wished he could go back in time and stop Kay from calling him the stupid nickname. "Um, yeah," he mumbled, rummaging around in his bag for his schedule. "My roommate is Aladdin Cassim."


"Uh…do you have a nickname by chance?" Calling this guy Wart didn’t sit right with him at all, though Buzz smiled at him, trying to not seem like a totally jerk.


Buzz tried not to laugh but seeing people flustered always screamed adorable to him even though he knew how mortifying it could be. “Sure thing! The ladies seemed pretty nice when I was up there.”

"A nickname?" He asked, confused. Oh, damn. “Oh, sorry, my name’s Arthur, just—” he stopped himself before he could babble on about Kay and his stupid nicknames. “Arthur.” His face was probably as red as his shirt by now. “And thanks.” He repeated, because Buzz was being really helpful.


"Hey, new kid!"

"Look what I can do!"

"Oh." He blinks. He’s not quite sure what to think. Nevertheless he smiles politely and nods. "Um. That’s really cool."


Henry had been in a need for something strong to wake him up. He just couldn’t get this sleepy feeling to go away. That was when he decided to give the coffee around here a try. He heard he could get a really strong coffee and that sounded great to him.

Once he had purchased his drink, he had made his way out the door. The steam had wafted up to his nose and it smelled wonderful. Just as he was about to take a sip, he ended up walking right into someone, spilling the drink on both of them in response.”I am so so sorry!” image

Arthur had never really developed a real preference over tea or coffee, so when he heard there was a good coffee shop, he made a beeline for it. He was reaching for the door handle, when someone crashed into him, spilling very hot coffee all over Arthur’s shirt. “Ow, ow—” he chanted, trying to pull the front of his shirt away from his skin. The guy who he’d walked into was apologizing, however, and Arthur was quick to reply.

"No, it’s fine—happens to me all the time."


"The only proper way to celebrate UFO Day is to go looking for them obviously!"


"Now who’s up for an all nighter?" 

"UFO Day?"

"As in, Unidentified Flying Objects?" He frowns in confusion. He hadn’t had a clue that there was a day for UFOs. "Why are you looking for them?"


"Uh, I could probably help you out. I’m Buzz. Also, a fellow Brave and new kid from the look of it, my room’s down the hall." 


Kneeling by the door knob, he took out his Swiss arm knife—hey, once a boy scout, always a boy scout—before going to work on unlocking the poor guy’s room. It took him a few minutes and stupid looks on his face but soon enough, the lock clicked open. “There ya go! I’m pretty sure you can get another key from the front office if you can’t find yours.”

"Oh—hi, I’m Wart," he replied automatically, scooting out of Buzz’s way, pushing his bag to the side.

He smiles big in relief when the door unlocks. “Thanks, man,” he grinned, pushing the door open. “I’ll go do that as soon as I can.” He patted his pocket for the map of the school, but apparently that had fallen out of his pocket at some point. “Um, could you maybe direct me to the front office though? I think I lost the map, too.” He mumbled, embarrassed.


As the reigning prom king Hans thought it was only right for him to greet his new subjects…er peers. This new kid looked like he could catch much of a break so Hans thought he’d try to help him out.

image “Hey, move ins are stressful. I’m sure you’re not the first to lose your keys. I could help you look for them. I’m Hans by the way” he extended his hand for the boy to shake.

"Yes," Arthur agreed enthusiastically, "that they are." He shook Hans’s hand, beaming happily. "Thanks! I’m Wart—" he stopped quickly, trying to backpedal immediately. "I mean, Arthur. I’m Arthur Pendragon, nice to meet you."

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